Homegroup: Wired desktop/Wireless laptop; different network

I'm not sure if this is possible, but I am looking for some help.

I am currently living in a college dorm with a desktop and laptop. My desktop is connected to the wall and the laptop is getting it's connection from a wireless router located in the next room.

When I create a homegroup on the desktop, it recognizes all of the other computers in the building, but not those on the wireless network. If I try to create the homegroup on the laptop instead, only the computers on that wireless network are visible.

Essentially, neither of my computers can recognize the other as part of the homegroup.

Is there any way around this so that I can network these two computers and share my printer and files?

The laptop is running Win7 Ultimate 32bit, and the desktop is running Win7 Ultimate 64bit, if that makes a difference.

Are both computers part of the same WORKGROUP?

I'm having the same problem. My wireless computer can see this computer from homegroups but this computer cannot see the wireless computer. If I do \\computername it shows up just fine. But it will not show up in homegroups. Yes, same workgroup.

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