Homegroups suddenly stopped functioning?

I have 2 Win 7 boxes on the same WiFi network. One is Win 7x64-build7100 the other is Win7x32-build7100.

Up until about 2 weeks ago both were running fine with a homegroup organised with the 64bit machine.

Suddenly the homegroup decided not to work.
I tried leaving the homegroup on both machines,

I then restarted it on the 64bit machine and after re-booting the 32bit machine I was able to use the homegroup password to "apparently" successfully login to the homegroup.

But when i select the homegroup on either machine I get an error message saying "No other homegroup computers are currently available" ????

This despite the fact that the password was accepted? Why did it stop working after it had been working?

Please help! I would greatly appreciate it! :)

Can no one help??? :( What extra info do you need?

Joe S

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Did you go through all of your network settings and make sure some update didn't change things? Double check all of your permissions. If you had to turn off Windows firewall make sure if didn't get turned back on it has a nasty habit of doing that. Double check all of your security software too. I don't use Home Groups and don't have wireless. These are things I've found when my network quit working.

I had a similar problem. My 64-bit desktop wired into the network and my 32-bit laptop wirelessly connected, stopped recognising one another on the homegroup. Recreating the homegroup and rebooting didn't help.

Then, when I clicked "See full map" in the Network and Sharing Center, I discovered that even though I had set up my network as a Home network and it was displayed as such in the Network and Sharing Center, for some reason Windows 7 didn't "see" that. It wouldn't display the network map because it said I was on a Public network.

So, I changed my network to a Work network, then back to a Home network, and the homegroup started working again. I had deleted the homegroup on the laptop prior to making these changes, so I simply rejoined and everything's now working again.

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