Honest and to the point, help appreciated......

Ok I have a not so legit copy of windows vista ultimate x64 on my desktop and want to upgrade
to windows 7. If i buy a windows 7 upgrade disk from microsoft and upgrade from my non-legit
copy of vista, will my new windows 7 be non-legit as i have upgraded from a illegal copy of vista,
or would i get a new key with the upgrade disk and thus then have a fully legal copy of windows 7?

Sorry If That Dont Make Sense Lol.

Thanks In Advance For Your Reply.

Legitimate Vista is required.

Ok cheers, im guessing my vista is an illegal copy as i got a custom built pc from a local pc shop and
they sold me the copy of vista for like £20 i think it was, so its probably dodgey, although it does pass all
windows genuine tests. and have never had trouble getting updates ect......

Can you activate it with your legit key online ?

Well when i got to start, contol panel, then system it says:
Windows Activation:
Windows is Activated
and then states my Product Key (which has OEM in it)

It is possible to upgrade vista oem LEGIT to 7. Did you activate your Vista with a key online, or do you have SLIC ?

I have no idea what SLIC lol (sorry). I installed the vista, and on the system window it told me i had 30 days to activate windows.
so i clicked activate now and then ever since it says its activated and i have never had any problems. installed service packs ect....

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