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After “playingâ€Â￾ with all the settings I can find I turn to the experts for help. How can I get website windows to fit the screen? I have to use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen – otherwise I can’t see everything. This forum is a good example. If I move the screen far enough to one side to see the topics, then the number of replies, etc. disappear. Driving me nuts, and to make matter worse, I don’t think it started out this way. It seems I may have “adjustedâ€Â￾ something, but I have no clue what.


Go to top right of your screen and click page, scroll down to zoom and make sure it is on 100% not 125 or more.


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Have you tried a different resolution on your moniter? It sounds from what your saying that you may need to raise it somewhat... If your not sure how to do this just right-click on the desktop and hit personalise. At the bottom of the 'box' you want to hit 'Display settings' and then you'll see a box containing a sliding scale which corresponds to resolution size. You may need to experiment a bit but if your using a 15'' moniter it's usually 1024x768, for 17''-19'' try 1280x1024... Hope this helps..

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