Windows 7 Horrendous upload speed over the past few weeks


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Over the past week or so, my internets upload speed has been horrendous, with the highest i have tested it as being 19 KBps (from and from a few other sources as well), meanwhile, my download speed is absolutely fine. To make sure this was a problem with windows, I booted into Ubuntu on the same computer, and ran the same internet speed test. It said I had a 6 Mbps upload speed, my average from a few weeks ago on windows. I ran teh same speed test on several other computers in the house, which all ran fine. I have ran numerous anti-malware programs (all of which returned no malware of any type), cleaned my web browser of all data, and numerous other things, but none of it helped.

No hardware has changed recently except my graphics card about a month ago to a GTX 660, and only within the past week has my upload speed been this bad.
Have you tried checking transfer speeds within your local system if you copy a file to another computer on the network?

Have you tried reinstalling the Network Adapter driver?