Horror-PC with new BSOD and alot of other weird problems


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I know try to get help in an international forum, because i have problems that seem to be extreme-weird. Everything I talk about is about the hardware in my signature. All my components I received in november/december last year and I build everything my own, because i am a pretty fine PC-Crack.

First to the BSOD I just received to day:
The problem seems to be caused by the following file: ntoskrnl.exe
When did it happen? I today plugged in my new monitor via hdmi (Viewsonic VX3258-PC-mhd). As i checked the manual and my monitor was not shown like the picture of the manual, I installed 2 drivers from the website. the first was windwos 10x64, but I got straigth after fninishing of install, that monitor was not found and i should try the unsigned version of driver. I installed it and it works. Then I played Cod MW for 2 hours, Temps were fine (CPU peak 73, GPU Peak 64). After i closed the game, I instant got this BSOD.

Another weird things that I already have with this computer:

I have a big weird bug with a 3,5jack mic connected on front panel. When I plug in a mic, my mic-sound is getting forced to be an nearly-silence volume. I have a 14-site thread on a german website about it and I tried nearly everything (3 different mics, 5 different frontpanels, all settings, 5 newinstallations because I changed 2 times the z390F then to a Hero XI and then to z390-F again because all of them hat the bug.). Actually - because Asus couldnt figure out - I send them one frontpanel, a mic and a ssd with os so they try to check in Taiwan. [Case unsolved]

Antoerh weird thing: Right in january my game froze and i got blackscreen while playing. A forced restart and check ov eventmanager spit out, it was a non-reaction nvidia-driver. 2 days everything worked with newer drivers, then it appeared again. Restart and after 10 secs again this. then I got more and more blackscreens (or even in other colors) and could not get further than BIOS. I tried igpu, fine, tried again the 2070s and blackscreen. I picked it to the 2nd PCIe-Slot, same problem. I borrowed a other geforce from a friend, bootet fine. So i brought my 2070s to the shop, they sent it to MSI and 2 weeks later i got it back. With no failures found. I was already pissed because i wa ssure it must be the gpu. I got back home, put the gpu in and.. it worked. I didnt made ANY changes on drivers updates or anything... [Case unsolved]

I did Memtest and intel processor diagnotic with no probs. temps are also very fine.
More and more it feels like my brain is ready for an asylum.

I call my Hero kemical for help (and others of course too).