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hey guys,

i wanted to ask that if the large host file slowing the machine issue,inherent in Win 7,because it wasnt the
issue in Win98.One would think,they have overcome the problem.




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ummmm,, how big is the host file?

ummmm,, how big is the host file?

usually in XP if its over 200kb,it slows down the system if u dont disable the DNS Client.I was just curious to know
if this is still a issue in Win7.I m not using Win7 rite now,but will switch sooner.


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Maybe my mistake, but if you're looking in the C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc, mine is only 824 bytes

If the file name is simply called hosts, is this what you are referring to?


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Well he is saying that if you add to the file and grow it (like adding Immunity from Spybot) that it will slow the over all system down.

I can tell you that I have never experienced that problem.

Depending on the size of that file,,, I could see it slowing down IE a bit, if the file is just massive. But, so far, things run fine for me.

Massive as in,,,, adding Spybot Immunity,, IESpyAdd and some of the other Host Lists out there, just trying to block anything and everything known bad to man on the net. Yeah,,, maybe then,,, but that's a bit overkill in my book.

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yes thats what i m saying..if the Host file in Sys32 keeps growing in XP,u experience slowdown.I was wondering if in
Win 7 they have overcome that,offcourse without disabling the DNS Client.


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Yes, I was thinking that myself.

Many URL's may be contained in the hosts file to block Spyware, cookies, and porn sites.

Did you ever use a 3rd-party hosts file editor?

yes Hostman is easy to updates the Host file can also specify offcourse.

But i m not using it right now,I have ad Muncher for removing adds and Norton Site Advisor,for bad URL's,it
automatically blocks suspicious pages.

I just when needed,,add randomly to the Host File.

Thanks for the reply reghakr and Tepid

Joe S

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I use the mvps host file plus my additions and whatever Spybot Search and Destroy adds so now it's a little over 900 K. I uses Hosts Toggle to load and edit. I haven't seen any noticeable slow down.


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I would not mess with the hosts file at all.

If you have adequate anti-virus, Spyware detector, and personal firewall, there is really no need to modify it.

You can also block sites and cookies directly in Internet Explorer.

It also adds tons of registry entries in the Zone Map branch which will slow down your computer.

Hosts files can also be used to block advertisements only, rather than whole sites or pages.
Those options can not.

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