hotmail accounts does not get remembered anymore


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Maybe a stupid question:
I have a few hotmail accounts. When i used xp, windows always remebered my account, i just had to click on the account i wanted to sign in.
Now win7 doesn't, i always have to fully type my usernames and passwords again. What setting must be changed?

This isn't Windows 7's fault, its the browser you are using, if you're using Internet Explorer, this is a common problem, download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome here;

- Firefox
- Google Chrome

If you already use one of these browsers, try uninstalling and re-installing the application.

Hope this helps, Jack


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I'm using Firefox and I have the Webmail Notifier Extension. Of course every time I open Firefox it checks Hotmail. They just shut down my password and made me choose another because i had logged in too many times recently. This is a first. I've been using Webmail Notifier to check my Hotmail account for months without any problem. It must be something has changed at their end. I disabled Webmail Notifier from checking Hotmail.

What I'm leading up to is maybe the problem is with the Hotmail server.

Try this

Theres certianly nothing wrong with the Windows Live servers, they don't save the passwords, your browser does, have you tried re-installing Firefox, this usually fixes the problem, if you can't or don't want to try going to 'Tools' > 'Prefrences' >'Security' Tab > Saved passwords > and then choose remove all, re-enter your passwords that you want the computer to remember and see if it remembers!

Hope this Helps, Jack

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