Hourglass randomly pops up every 30 secs

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by Pstyle, Apr 8, 2008.

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    I just did a fresh re-install of windows vista on my computer and reinstalled the usual programs I use. Now, every 30 seconds or so, even if all programs are closed and computer is not doing anything, the hourglass symbol pops up next to the mouse and stays there for a few seconds. It's getting pretty annoying as I don't know why this happens. I ran anti-virus and anti spyware, and also removed some programs, but it still happens. The vista install is about 2 days old.

    My specs if it matters:
    core2duo 2.66ghz
    3gd ram
    evga 680i board
    320gm HDD
    8800 GTS 512mb video card

    Hope someone can help!
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    There is one other aspect to look at that might also cause this issue; and that is your Power Supply Unit. The best way to find this information is to physically look at the sticker on the side of the unit inside the rig. You should be looking for a minimum of around 400watts.

    Another thing to try is to:
    Open an Internet page > Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies > OK > Delete Files > tick the box 'Delete all offline content' > OK > Content > clear SSL State > OK.

    By the way, how often do you defragment your Hard Drive?
    A fragmented Hard Drive will be 'slower' too.

    Also try:
    Go into Internet Options again, this time, click on the Programs tab > Manage Add-ons. In here look for any BHO's, or Browser Help Objects; particularly, one called 'SSV Helper Class', and disable it!
    Reboot your system and see if it is 'faster' at responding.

    These are just some of the things you could try!!
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    This could be due to 'Superfetch'. This utility moniters vista (even when your doing nothing), anyway for the first few times you boot up after a fresh install, this utility moniters what you use program wise and also what loads up at the start-up. Eventually it creates a 'profile' of these start-up programs and utilitys you use. It then loads this 'profile' into your memory(when you boot up), which, hopefully speeds up program load times.After a while you should no longer see the hourglass popping up.
    You could disable Superfetch via services just to make sure it is actually that utility that is causing the hourglass but I'm pretty sure thats what it'll be.

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