House looks remarkably like Adolf Hitler

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    A house that looks remarkably like Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler has been discovered in Swansea by a sharp-eyed Twitter user.


    Charli Dickenson posted a Twitpic of the property, saying: 'I've found Hitler reincarnated.'

    She certainly has a point. It has a sloped roof that looks like the Fuhrer's greased down side parting and a brown door that resembles his moustache.

    The picture was subsequently re-tweeted by top comedian Jimmy Carr and the house is now well on the way to becoming a viral hit.

    As far as we are aware it's the only house in the world that looks like a despot. However, if you spot any more, please do send in a picture of them.

    Perhaps there's a bungalow that looks like Pol Pot or a flat that bears more than a passing resemblance to Idi Amin. Keep your eyes peeled.

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