How can I delete unwanted User File?

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium and want to delete a specific folder. It shows in a Recyling Window that there is some activity and identifies 1915 items and 165 MB but it never finishes and I have to force it to stop. The folder I am referring to is a user folder named "Bob". I had deleted "Bob" the user and have no need for the folder named "Bob" or the sub-folders in "Bob". I find the folder "Bob" via clicking Computer/ C drive/ Users and see "Bob' the folder with the other folders named after the active users. How can I delete the folder "Bob"?


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Where did you delete the account

Didn't it ask to save files?

I went to the control panel/User Account/Add or Remove Account/ there I deleted the "Bob" account. I do not recall if it asked if I wanted to save files but if it did I would have hoped I answered "NO";)


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I am guessing if you tried to reinstate Bob, Windows would not let you. Have you tried running explorer as admin to try to delete? Have your tried to delete while in safe mode?


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Hi bob,

You can delete them by logging into another account.

Thanks, I had tried that earlier but I think I had a lot of things messed up. I finally got rid of the the "Bob" folder by coincidence. I had just completed doing a Restore and tried to delete the "Bob" folder right after the restore in the Administrator account and it worked. Previously it would not. I still had a lot of funnies going on so I finally bit the bullet and did a total restore from disks. So far so good.

Thanks. I am not familiar how you run explorer in Windows 7. I used it a lot in XP but haven't found a way to run it in Windows 7. I also tried to start in "Safe Mode" but could never get it to work. My Dell computer help file says to do a restart and hold F8 down I also tried to keep tapping F8 but neither worked. Not too long ago I was on the phone with Dell Tech Support and they had me do "Safe Mode" restart and it worked then. I believe for awhile I have overcome all my issues with doing a total restore with disks Dell furnished I truly appreciate all of you that responded.

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