How can I enable long file names?


I just upgraded (I hope it is an upgrade) to Windows 7 from Windows XP. Yesterday I tried to copy files from one of my old hard disks but in the ende received the message that 64 of the files could not be transferred because their file names are too long. Instead of going back, finding, and changing each of those file names, I would rather tell the computer to go ahead and accept them. Is there a way to do this globally?


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I'm still trying to figure this out. If I find the solution, I'll post it here for others.


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If you would be happy to accept the truncated filenames, you could Zip them all and then unzip them onto your windows 7 folder. Should work?

Three options... maybe?

Cut Long File Names!: Rename inaccessible files! This program allows to rename the file when it exceeds 255 characters

Rename long file name utility Free Download this one too

Robocopy... included with Win 7 now

Copy them to the root folder... automatically shortens them... then move them from the root folder.

BTW wouldn't like them either.

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