How can I fix IE8 Registry Keys?

I'm having a problem with Internet Explorer 8 on the Windows 7 beta; here's the story: a while back, I installed the Internet Explorer Collection. Then uninstalled it . . . using Revo Uninstaller, which makes sure that all the bits and pieces of the program are removed when you uninstall it. I mistakenly chose to delete all the registry keys associated with Internet Explorer Collection; now, I think it deleted some of the keys for the built in IE8. When doing certain things, I'm getting errors similar to this one.

Microsoft Visual Studio
Visual Studio requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater to run properly. Please re-install Internet Explorer 6.0.

What can I do to fix IE8? I've tried reinstalling it, but I can't get an executable made for windows 7. A system restore won't work, as I don't have a restore point going back before the IE collection uninstall.

I'd appreciate any help! TIA

Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums.. :)

I want to clarify something, are you still using the Windows 7 Beta (as in Build 7000) or are you using the Windows 7 RC (as in build 7100)? If your still using the Beta then I'd recommend upgrading to the RC which is still available for download at Microsoft's website.. ;) Once downloaded, do a clean install of the Win 7 RC.. Then you'll have a nice fresh install with a fully functional IE8.. :)

If you are using the Win RC (7100) then perhaps you should reinstall it (via clean install)..

Messing with the registry is never fun or advised if you don't know exactly what your doing..

Thanks for the welcome!

Sorry, I'm not on the beta; I'm using build 7100. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do a complete reinstall. I've worked with the registry before, and I'm comfortable with making changes to it, if I know what keys to add, edit, etc. Is there a list key/values for IE8 or something else relevant ? I'd like to at least look at my registry editing options before completely wiping that partition.

I'm sure if you do some "googling" you can probably find which keys you would need to add/remove/edit but like I said, I don't think it's worth it.. For all the time it takes to reinstall Windows 7.. ;) Of course it's up to you, if your comfortable messing around in the registry then by all means go to it.. :)

Perhaps Reghakr can give you a hand, he's a pro when it comes to the Registry.. I'll mention it to him for you and see if he can provide some insight.. :)

Thanks; I've googled around quite a bit before coming here, so I'll probably just reinstall Windows 7.

Thanks for your help!

No problem, I'm sorry I couldn't help you further..


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If you haven't already re-installed Windows............

Go to Start > Run and type optionalfeatures.

Uncheck Internet Explorer and reboot.

Now go back and re-install Internet Explorer.

I was going to say, as reg mentioned. You can go into Uninstall Programs, and in there somewhere (as I don't have it infront of me) find IE8, uninstall, reboot and reinstall IE8. Win 7 gives you the option to fully remove IE from the OS.


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Tepid is almost there. I think Reghakr's suggestion is the same, via a different path. The normal user way would be
open the Control Panel
Click "Programs" - "Programs and Features" - "turn Windows features on or off"
If the third item (IE8) is ticked, untick it, wait until prompted. and restart then repeat the procedure but tick the item.
If , of course, it is already unticked, then tick it, wait for the OS to do its stuff and see if you have IE8 back.


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Yes, I keep forgetting where that is in Control Panel.

I just find it easier through the Run box anyway.

It brings up the same dialog box.

I am having the same problem with Win7 Ultimate 64-bit. I have tried the "Disable" in program features, reboot, then re-enable but the next time I reboot the system I get the same error and have to do this all over again.
The problem seams to be related to an update from Microsoft about 3 weeks ago but I have yet to determind the exact one.

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