How can I fix user folders in windows 7?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Rubberbucket, Aug 24, 2012.

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    Ok, hopefully this will make sense to you guys, so here it goes. My husband and I just got a new desktop, I originally planned on sharing a user account but since we're both in school I figured it would be helpful to have our own user accounts just to keep our files more separated and everything. So I created a second user account for me ... I THEN realized that since he uses MY iTunes account, it makes sense that we use a shared music folder. Somehow I effed up my folders, the Public Music folder in particular. The only way I could see how to fix it was to restore it. Well that fixed the music folder problem, but it restored the computer back to before I had set up my own user login. No problem, I went back in and re-created it.

    NOW my problem is that the user accounts are just fine, but the user FOLDER from my first account is still in the the C drive under "users" but technically there is no user account that's attached to it...does that make sense? And of course, the folder is locked. I tried to delete it, but got a popup saying I was about to delete a system file so I got freaked out. How to I remedy this situation???
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    Not sure exactly where to start..but after you restored, was the User Account you created still there. Exactly what a restore does is a little foggy. Certain types of things are restored and some aren't.

    But now you go to the Users Folder and see both of your accounts, and the original one?

    Do you see all the accounts in the User control panel?

    If you start lusrmgr.msc, do you see the same users?

    If you decide to try to remove anything, be careful. I don't think Windows will let you delete all Admin accounts, but not sure. But I do seem to remember, when you delete a user, it asks if you want to delete all files for that user.

    If you use Help and Support and search for "fix user profile", maybe something in there will help you take care of the problem.

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