How can I get many folders to point to one location?

I'll try and explain what I mean.
I have one folder which has 300 sub folders. In about half of those, there are also sub-folders, all called post-pro. So, there are about 150 folders called post-pro with files in.

What I'd like to do is have files in each of the sub-folders called post-pro, appear in one location. It can be a copy of the files, or a link to the files, it doesn't matter, what matters is that I can browse all of them from one place.

I know this is not a windows 7 specific problem, but as there's some clever people here I thought I'd ask anyway.

Cheers in advance.


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Go to the parent folder and type post-pro in the search bar. You will see all subfolders called post-pro in a list.

Great idea and thanks for that, but that puts all the folders in view, but not their contents. I'm hoping there's some way I can view the contents of those folders?


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You can right click on a folder and click "open folder location" (that will ruin your search though) better is "open in new window"

Even better... open a new folder somewhere. Select ALL the folders that came up in the search. RIGHT drag them to your new folder and create a shortcut. All of them will have shortcuts in your new folder.

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Or create a new folder, into this drop a shortcut to all the files contained in all the Post-Pro folders, I use this method to make a "Reference Library" of all the Documents scattered throughout my system, have a (very) few name clashes though!! An advantage is that if you mod the file directly or through the short cut you still only have the one copy (obviously!) that matches wherever you look at it from.

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