How can I hide the wifi password?


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We have wireless internet. On the Windows 7 notebook computer, I entered the SSID (not broadcasted) and the password. Internet works fine on the notebook.

But this is what I would like: I would like that a person using the notebook be prevented from seeing what the password is (by right-clicking on the network icon, then choosing Properties).

How can we do this?

Thank you.

i have also same problem and i try to this reg editor idea but i am fail. .........but after i think this wireless password can see all people because i am log on computer as administrator after i make one user account and always use computer with this user login,if i am using this user account then in network properties the wireless network password is not display really..... there for please make one user account,after your problem solve.

this is the simple idea to hide wireless network password in window 7, thanks

Hello beauty,

The only way to hide/mask the WiFi password from other users is give the other users their own "Standard Account" without Admin privileges, which will limit their access to other things as well.

Hope this helps

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