How can I import my existing XP into the VM? (7 Ultimate/XP Pro dual boot)

I have XP Pro installed on my primary IDE drive (C:)
I installed a SATA drive and installed 7 Ultimate to it as a dual boot system. XP sees the drive as E:. When booted in 7 it sees the drive as C: and the XP drive as D:
I have downloaded, installed and configured the XP VM plus the patches. The VM runs fine but is an 'out of the box' XP install.
XP has all the applications I need to work from home. I would rather run 7 but need to run XP most of the day until I get everything set up in 7 which is going to take quite a while.
Endless Google searches have failed to reveal an answer to my question which is;

How can I import my XP installation into the VM?


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I do not run and XP virtual machine, but as you said, it is an out of the box and activated copy of Windows XP. As far as I know you will not be able to move you installed programs and get them to work in the Virtual version.

You will have access to your settings and data and can import as you would with any other new install.

You should be aware, there is a possibility the boot files needed for Win 7 are on the XP drive. Removing that drive without first reconfiguring your system might lead to an unbootable system. It is easy to do as long as you take the necessary steps.

I am aware that the MBR C:\boot folder etc. on the IDE drive need to be left intact. I would eventualy just delete all the redundant folders.

There HAS to be a way of doing this. As some one once said "nothing is impossible, you just have to want it enough".

I am currently searching how to create a new, blank VM to import an image of the XP drive into to see if that will work.

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