how can i kill a task using a task scheduler on win7

hi guys, does any one know to programme a task scheduler to kill a programme at a specific time on wwwin7 other that using softwares like kill task, etc........expecting a reply post soon.thanks guys!!!!


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hi you can create a batch file than you can change or add tasks as of when you pleasea

if you create a notepad and write

@echo off

taskkill /IM notepad.exe

save the notepad as anythng you want but make sure you add .bat to the end...... e.g taskkiller.bat or tasks.bat

this would end the process notepad you can add more just add "taskkill /IM "PROCESS NAME HERE"

or you wanted to make it a silent so no box comes up you can download a program called "BAT TO EXE" its really easy to use , if u do use it make sure the invisible option is ticked and no boxc will appear

hope this is a really easy fix for you

You can also write an Autohotkey script to kill a process at a specified hour and minute:

If A_HOUR=[/B]number 0-24[B]
If A_MIN=[/B]number 0-59[B]
Process, Kill, [/B]process.exe[B]
Sleep 500
goto, LP[/B]


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Hey cyber, What file ext do you save that with (or not)?


Hey cyber, What file ext do you save that with (or not)?

Oh, it's simple, install AutoHotkey - Free Mouse and Keyboard Macro Program with Hotkeys and AutoText

No need to reboot. Right click an empty spot in a folder >> New >> Autohotkey Script >> Edit this new script file >> Save >> Double click to run.
Or save notepad as name.ahk.

You can also compile it to .exe. Possible to call windows API as DLLCALL ().

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