How can i know how many USB 2.0 slots i have?


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Hi there! I would like to ask you how can i know how many USB 2.0 slots do i have. I have Gigabyte P31 ES3G mainboard revizion 1.1. There on the Gigabyte site says up to 8 2.0/1.1. So there are USB 2.0 or USB 1.1? Can anyone please help me?

You have a total of 8 usb port. There are 4 physical ports on the back of the plug in usb keyboard and mouse and the like. Then there are 4 usb headers on the mobo...this is to allow you to add internal peripheral hardware such as a SD card reader (3.5") into the front of the case. The wired connection goes to the mobo...usb header, which is either a 4 pin or 9 pin connection. The usb 2.0/1.1 means the mobo usb slots are backwards compatible (for older usb devices that use version 1.1) to use either usb 2.0 or 1.1. These are the speeds of the connections, and there are 3 now. (1.1 2.0 and the newest 3.0) USB speed comparisons...see link.

Speed comparison between USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and SATA and Firewire - Super User


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so if i connect a usb 2.0 external hard disk in one of the 4 physical ports on the back of the mainboard...the EHD will copy with the speed of usb 2.0?

Yes...USB 2.0 is the standard right now on all most all the mobo's. Keep in mind that this is about data transfer speed, once on a drive it's the speed of the physical drive you access it.


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and i have another 4 slots but i have to connect the USB headers...

I mean... on the mainboard i have 4 more slots where i can connect additional USB i have 4 headers....
I connect a cable in the header and on the other side of the cable there is only the usb there isn't an electronic board...
These means that these 4 additional USB ports will not have the USB 2.0 technology?
To have more USB 2.0 slots i must have an USB 2.0 board in a PCI slot...?

Sorry if i made a mistake or i am not clear...but i just want to know. I uploaded 2 images the first is in the back side of my PC and the second one is in front of my pc...(these images are from WEB... just to know how do they look like). 2104article7-7.gif HP USB Jack Board with cable 50.4AH03.001.jpg The connection from the second image is the same in the first image...i mean with 9 pins...

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If you re-read my first post you should see that the USB mobo headers are for internal hardware that uses 4pin and 9pin connections. Example of this is an SD card reader that you mount on the front of a case. See attention to the wire connection type

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This is a 9pin (9wires) USB mobo connection. This type of connection is made internally to the mobo.


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Just to help clear this up your board has 2.0 USB so anything you connect like the item in your picture will be USB2.0.

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