How can I move IE favs from broken XP to new 7

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Wifes Dell with XP blew up mother board and corrupted boot files. Placed drive as slave in my machine. Drive works fine, can access all needed stuff, can't boot it. I can access Favorites, Address book files from Outlook express, photos. I copied all the important things also to a seperate folder on a My book USB drive. Can I install the My book to her new computer running 7 ultimate 32 bit and just drag and drop or copy to the favorites file while in the explorer pane? She was running IE7. Also how can I put all of her address book from Outlook Express into Outlook 2010?
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Here what you do, open the notepad and copy the URL links down on there now save the notepad file to a USB and go to your windows 7 computer and copy the URL links from the txt file in your USB into your favorite browser and just save them as your favorites that way.
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You should be able to copy/paste the favorites into the favorites folder in the Win 7 "username" folder. I don't use Outlook so I'm not sure but it should be able to import the Address book from the folder in C:// Documents and settings/"username"/application data/microsoft/address book/.

If you have your computer networked with hers you could probably access the drive in yours then find what was C: on the XP drive. It's been a while since I used XP. I hope I'm right.
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As mentioned above favorites are just a collection of urls and should not be an issue.
Outlook cannot directly import contacts from an Outlook express .wab file.
Read this article and you should be fine. Also once you have the wab contacts into your personal contacts folder read the link to the previous article on that page to get them the rest of the way into outlook.
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