How can I recover emails from offline MS Outlook data?


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Apr 30, 2018
Microsoft Outlook unable to access my offline mailboxes data due to some error with OST file. How can I recover my emails? Help!
The OST file is just an email cache file. Go into Control Panel > Mail and create a new profile. Launch Outlook and the OST should be recreated.
Neemobeer says it right, the mail file can be extracted easily from Control Panel>Mail. The OST file contains all your emails with the right details of the mail folders. If that doesn't work, you shall look out for some tools that could extract the OST files.
When it happens to me, usually only after fresh install, i delele the ost and start outlook again. It rebuilds the ost cache.
Hello. I don't really know what you mean by this. You just can open the file and copy it. But I am missing some details probably. And I will share something that extracts emails from a ton of file times, here you go
1. Recovering deleted emails from offline Microsoft Outlook data
If you have lost access to your email account due to any reasons, then you may need to recover those emails. You can do this using third-party software tools. These tools help you retrieve the lost emails from the hard drive of your computer.
2. How to recover deleted emails from offline Microsoft outlook data?
You can use the following steps to recover deleted emails from your offline Microsoft Outlook data.
Step 1: Download the tool “Recover Deleted Emails”
Download the tool “Recovery Toolbox” from the link given below.
Step 2: Run the tool
Run the tool and follow the instructions provided on screen.
Step 3: Select the type of recovery
Select the type of recovery based on the size of the mailbox. If you want to recover only the deleted emails, select the option ‘Deleted Items Only’.
Step 4: Choose the location where you want to save the recovered files
Choose the location where you want the recovered files saved.
Step 5: Start recovering
To recover emails from offline MS Outlook data, you can follow these manual steps:

Check Outlook Data File Location: Ensure that you know the location of your Outlook data file (.ost) on your computer.

Use Outlook Import/Export Feature: Open Outlook, go to the "File" menu, and choose "Import and Export." Follow the prompts to import data from the Outlook data file.

Restore from Backup: If you have a backup of your Outlook data file, you can restore it to recover your emails.

However, if you're looking for a simpler and more efficient solution, you can use Advik OST to PDF Converter software. This tool allows you to convert your OST files to PDF format, making it easy to access your emails. Simply download and install the software, select your OST file, choose the PDF format, and click convert. Within minutes, you'll have all your emails recovered and saved in PDF format, ready for easy access and viewing.
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