How Can I See This Dialog Box?

When I start or restart my Win 7 64 Home Premium, Dell XPS Studio 1647, I get a dialog box which flashes onto the fully loaded desktop and then disappears before I can read it. Thinking it might have been connected with upgrading a program I upgraded my Java and Flash but the mysterious box is still there. Any ideas as to how I can "trap" this box before it disappears and see what it's all about?


Ah, Ha! I found the nasty rascal. The program presenting the dialog box was the Garmin Lifetime Updater which I installed two days ago. The box was telling me that no new map was available. As I don't see a way to reschedule the notice I'm uninstalling the program.



Noob Whisperer
Congratulations on finding the issue.
Did you check msconfig to see if you could find it under the startup tab? You might just simply uncheck it there to prevent its' running at startup.

That's a great thought, Trouble. Forgot all about msconfig. I'll keep that in mind for the next time.


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