How delete a partition?


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I was referring to the 2MB one, that's probably nothing. An EFI partition should say EFI System Partition. I'm really curious how this computer was partitioned because it sure wasn't from the Windows install media.

The other thing I see is the disk is dynamic so there can be up to 2000 volumes even if the disk is using an MBR version GPT partitioning scheme.
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Good point. I'm guessing something like gparted partitioned the disk. I'd be reinstalling if my partitions were like that.


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The one small one just before C: is for EFI boot. Removing that would be an awful idea. The others ot the right, I'd just delete the volumes and then expand inot the unused space.

Maybe the problem is that the partitions is dynamic. some programs tell me that can't be done because the partition is dynamic...I couldn't change them from dynamic to basic..