How Do I Allow User Admin Priveleges for Their Own Computer?

I was kind of thrown into the issue of allowing a user to have admin rights on their own system, eg., download various programs like Firefox, Adobe stuff, and before I go in to muddle things up, I must ask how to do this.....

Many thanks in advance.



Noob Whisperer
Hello and welcome to the forums.
Open the control panel and near the top right hand corner use the drop down arrow (View by:) and choose small icons.
Then the User Accounts applet
Then from the left side Choose the "Manage Another Account" link
Select the account name you wish to alter and then
From the left column choose the "Change the account type" link and then
Select the "Administrator" radio button and then click the "Change Account Type" button.
That should do it. Of course you will need to be logged onto the machine as a local administrator in order to make these changes.

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