How do I change my folder Icon?


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My desktop folders used to have customised icons but the folders are now being run off the server not my actual computer. I can't get the icons to change back to my customised ones. I have tried going into properties > customise > choose file and it's not working. The icon doesnt show up. One of the icons is an official windows icon that I put on one of the folders and strangely that is still showing up but the icons I originally downloaded from the internet wont show.

on my folders inside the main folder I also tried to change a few icons the same way but this time the icon showed up as being "inside" the folder icon rather than being the major icon.

What can I do?


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I just remote desktopped into the server and managed to change the icons on the folders from there. It came up with the option "change folder icon" as well as the "change folder picture". Problem is that the folders come up with their new icon when I look at them from the server, but when I go back to my normal desktop the icons havent changed.

Please help.

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