Windows 7 How do I change the color of this taskbar

I hate how when I change the color of my themes, this taskbar...i guess thats what it is, is still the same color. How do I change the color of this?



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Hi Tally,

In the standard aero.msstyles the image you're after is 3px wide x 31px high. Using ResHack or Restorator '07 the image is #891.

If you are using any other/modified theme the number could well be different. If you are using a modified theme, if you like you can zip it up and attach to a post and I'll find the number in there for you.

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Hmm. Ive never done this before and Ive never used ResHack before. So, will you walk me through it if you could plz?

1st I have to make a bitmap that is 3px wide x 31px high of whatever color or pic I want as the background of my taskbar.
2nd I open Reshack...

That is where Im not sure what to do after that.

Can I also do this through regedit? Kind of like how this guy did it with another taskbar?

Change Explorer Toolbar background - YouTube


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Because you are modifying a system theme file, you may find you'll need to patch the three files needed to enable the running of non-system themes. Download DeepXW's Universal Theme Patcher and run it before you start with ResHack.

Be aware the image file you are working with is a PNG file!!

Working with ResHack.
  • Download and merge the Take Ownership.reg file into your registry. Download and open Resource Hacker 3.5.2 Beta (the download link is roughly half way down the page in a green box).
  • GoTo C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Aero and r-click Aero.msstyles and then use the Take Ownership.
  • Drag n drop Aero.msstyles into ResHack.
  • Expand IMAGE and scroll down to #891 and then expand that.
  • Click on the "flower" and then r-click it and select Replace resource.
  • Search and select your new image.
  • Fill in Resource Type: IMAGE and Resource Name: 891 then click Replace.
  • On the Menu bar select File and then Save.
  • In the Aero theme folder you will now have your modified aero.msstyles and the original named aero_original.msstyles.
  • Right click your Desktop and select Personalize.
  • Select Windows 7. Once your new style has loaded the Command Module (which is its proper name) will have changed colour!

Here are some screenshots to download of the above process.

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Worked like a charm. Thank you very much, bro. :biggrin:

Hey is there a way that I can do this same thing with my rainmeter skins?


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There could well be, but I've never used Rainmeter!

Found this for you: Rainmeter Skin Tutorials.

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Oh no. I meant to say windowsblinds. Im sorry.

PS Thank you for all your help Elmer. You are the man.

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