how do I change the size of one window/pane

I have just got a new laptop with w7...everything is fine except all programs are working fine and I can see everything on the screen on all programs....................except one!!!!!!!!!!!
that would be a camera program by canon called camrera launcher...the image is so large I cannot get to the bottom to operate the controls....if I change the resolution that messes up every thing I need to fix this screen....

I am a newbie to win 7 so be gentle with me


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Hi kas,

it sounds like the issue is with the program and not windows 7. Is it possible to access any options for the software? If so you might be able to resize the windows it appears in. If that isn't possible try going through the FAQ at the Canon site:

Canon UK - FAQ

If you cannot find what your looking for then please list your actual camera and I'll look for you.. :)

Thanks for the shout..I did go to the canon site but to no avail
The camera is a canon sx30 is ...if you find any more info I would appreciate it


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Kas can you check this page and tell me if you see your software? If so, try downloading a version compatible for windows 7. I'm not sure what you upgraded from, either xp or vista, but see if an updated version will help.

PowerShot SX30 IS

yes that is the one I did download that prog and I still get the large screen....I thank you for your help....Being new to w7 I was so concerned with getting programs to work...what I am doing is plugging the camera into the pc and looking at the pictures thru explorer...and I can do everything from there...I forgot about the simple things..I am making friends with w7 but after all these years with xp old habits are hard to break..

However there is one thing You can do for me is direct me to a partition program....I have a new HP laptop with a 500 gb hd and on the hd there are 3 partitions C:= main os d:= hp files e:...........HP does it like that if there are any problem they have the files right there on the pc.........So I want to partition C: and the reason is in case there is a disruption of the OS, like a virus I have to replace the OS and if I do that all of the data files go with it...I partition my hard drives and keep my data file separate from os...It has to be easy as I am an old guys and I get confused easily....I like smaller partitions because they seem faster and they are easier to defrag...................thats my story and I am sticking to it!!!

Any how any thing You can do is appreciated



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Hi Kas,

for managing partitions windows 7 does have it's own tool, this can be found via Control panel, admin tools, computer management, storage tools and then disk management. All you need to do is right click on the partition/drive you'd like to change.

If that isn't what your after then this free application may help some: EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition - CNET

Now back to your original issue. Could you look at this screen snip I took of the above Canon website and tell me which application you downloaded?


Once I know which app we are dealing with I can go on to help further.. :)

It was called windows camera....but for right I will use explorer that will do the job...I have too many other things to do on this pc.
Thanks for the tip for partitions

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