How do I Chose an Active Network (2 Real Ones Exist)


I have been unable to find a solution to this problem. I have 2 active networks, one through a router and another directly from a modem, I would like to make the router connection the primary one. Right now every time I enable the 2nd NIC or turn on the modem and the 2nd network become available it automatically becomes the active one. And all internet traffic from then on goes through that modem connection, I would like it to still go through the router connection. IN Network and Sharing Center I see the modem (2nd connection) on top, but I cannot change that.

I have tried going to adapter settings, holding ALT, and going to advanced settings. There I have my NIC connected to the router selected with the highest priority, yet when I plug in that modem connection it becomes the active one.

I was able to take care of this easily in WinXP again with a similar dialog to Advanced settings in adapter settings. There when I set my my NICs in the proper order, connecting the modem did not take priority and the router connection was still the active one for internet traffic. Maybe if there's an option to disable this network and sharing center all together it might help? Any ideas how to get around this?

I Have attached some Screens to show better what I need.

Current advanced settings:

Network and sharing center with the 2 networks on:


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Was able to solve my problem with another router, guess 7 is less flexible than XP for what I needed.

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