How do i delete a network i regret setting up

About a month ago now i tried to setup a network in my house but i want to delete it but i cant seem to be able to do that.

I want my wireless internet to connect directly to my internet instead of connecting to native wifi default profile, which connects to the internet.

I tried going to control panel>network and internet>network and sharing center>manage wireless connections then tried to remove the native wifi in that screen i press remove and it disappears for 30 seconds then comes back.

So then i try clicking on the internet button bottom right of screen right clicking on the native wifi going to status and pressing disable. And it disables it, but now i have no internet at all so i click my internet connection which is named timnet45 and i press connect i type in the password it comes up connecting to timnet45 then it says windows was unable to connect with timnet45 i know the password is correct. So i hit troubleshoot problem but it just enables the native wifi and connects me like that.

So if anyone can help me with this all i want to do is delete the native wifi so my computer can just connect to my wireless internet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.




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Tim, your issue is not clear as to what exactly is happening your reference to "native wifi" is unclear to me unless you're talking about Windows 7's ability to natively act as a wireless hot spot "Windows 7 wireless hosted network".
I don't want to suggest something that may not apply or may introduce more problems than it resolves, but normally in the case of unwanted network connection, if you use device manager to remove the wireless adapter and then reboot the machine that will usually get rid of any previous network profiles associated with that adapter.
Can you explain exactly how you created or setup this unwanted network?

Can you explain exactly how you created or setup this unwanted network?[/QUOTE]

This is an easy error that lies in wait for those uninitiated in the ways and hows of TCP/IP (funny how you never see that as much as 5 yrs ago).

It appears on the User Disk for Netgear USB N adapter and it flowed right in. What it does it makes itself a manual selection only (my experience) and your description of removing it is 100% correct.

I will thank you for boor who did not leave a kind word for you. Happy 4th as mine is today!

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