How do I get a list of apps to reinstall after a "reset"

Peter Hill

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My computer is running Windows 10H2. It was upgraded from Windows 7, I have no install media.

The "run as admin" doesn't work so I may need to do a "Recovery", "reset".

If I reset I need to reinstall a lot of programs, "Apps and Features" says 173! How do I get a full list of these so I can find the install sources? I think it would be insane if MS expect me to manually create a list from "Apps".

I'm also sure I've got some stuff that wasn't installed but just runs from the .exe.


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This is a one liner you can run in a Powershell prompt. it will only output msi and programs and sorted to your desktop.

(Get-Package) | ? { $_.ProviderType -like "msi" -or $_.ProviderName -like "*Program*" } | Sort Name| Out-File -FilePath "$($env:USERPROFILE)\Desktop\apps.txt"