How do I get rid of Windows 7RC

I have win 7 working well on a partition, now when my pre order disc arrives it will be used to upgrade Vista on C drive and I want to get rid of the 7RC can I just delete it or do I have to uninstall ? I would like to keep the files and programs on the partition so dont really want to reformat
Thanks Guys

Back up the important stuff you want to save, or you can shrink the partition using the Disk Manager windows provides. There really is no way to just migrate (copy) since you will run into many many many more issues due to reg entries, drivers, etc...

The way I would do it, Is copy the docs and files that contain the data you want to save on a pen drive or network location, then when installing your upgrade, blow away the partition that contains the RC and have Win 7 use the whole drive. Reinstall your apps, and migrate the data and information over to the new install.

Yep.. get another hard drive and just install to it.. then put the old one back in your system and copy the software you want to install and your work files, etc.

Thanks guys, unfortunately not quite that simple. First, its a Sony Vio lap top, currently C is Vista OS and Win 7RC OS is on the partition. All Files are now backed up on my XP based desktop so no problems with that. What concerns me is a couple of older games which I like to play one of which was bought for ME OS, they both installed on the Win 7 partition using the compatability manager reccomended settings and are accessible on both OS systems. I now learn that this application is not included on the Win 7 Home premium which I have pre ordered so I was worried I will not be able to re install them after a clean installation of the new OS. I have now dicovered elsewhwere on this site an application for emulating XP within Win7 so I will have to suck it and see. Looks like I will finish up with Vista on one drive and Win 7 on another. Not ideal as I was hoping to upgrade the Vista which I am stuck with as Sony did not provide me with a re-installation disc. Thanks to you both for the quick response

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