How do I get windows 7 to recognize my BFG Ageia PhysX Card?


With the takeover of Ageia by nVidia, nVidia seems to have decided to drop support for Ageia PPUs. There does not seem to be any windows 7 support for my BFG Tech Ageia PhysX card on the nVidia websites (BFG Tech site no longer exists - they stopped selling GPUs), but on some other forums I have read that you can somehow work with previous drivers.

I tried uninstalling all drivers and then installing the PhysX_8.09.04_SystemSoftware driver package, which, according to these other forums, should make windows recognize the Physics PPU. However, that did not work. I even tried installing the really old drivers that came with the card on a CD. The card is definitely plugged in correctly and connected to the power supply unit.

The card worked fine on Vista. I payed 200 dollars for it and would be pretty annoyed if it turned out its useless now. Do you guys know how to solve my problem?


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