How do I hide a hard drive from being seen by other users!

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by blah76137, Nov 2, 2009.

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    I was wondering how I would hide my hard drive from being seen by other users but still be visible to me when I am logged on. I have searched endlessly for an answer to no avail. Most of what I've gathered is that you can hide the drives but they wont be seen by any of the users and you can still access them. But I would like to hide them from specific users. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You in Advance, Richard
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    which version of Windows 7 are you running some verisons have better security options then others
    so you want to be able to hide the hard drive from other users on your local machine am I correct.
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    errm well if you have multiple accounts you can disable read and write access to accounts specified on the drive's properties
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    You can also use the registry to Hide Drive Icons
    The only way to then access them would be to manually type in a path in Start, Run for instance. Or using DOS to navigate to that drive letter. If you couple this with NTFS permissions you can hide a drive pretty effectively.

    It is a tad bit of a hassle to configure however, and you have to understand Hex codes. Although I did find a site that calculates the value needed in the registry here:

    NT Drive Calculator - The 'NoDrives' Registry Key Value Calculator

    It also includes directions on how to setup the hide drives registry key.

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