How do I permanently disable Windows updates?


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I have an old Toshiba Satellite with Windows 10 Pro 32 bit installed. It will automatically update to release 1903 and then automatically uninstall it. The whole process takes over an hour due to slow internet and slower processor. I am thinking that the system is unable to handle this release so it automatically uninstalls it after downloading and installing it. Regardless, I want to somehow disable all automatic updates and leave release 1803 installed. But I don't see a way to disable automatic updating.


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I would figure out why it won't update rather than try to disable updates. 1803 is out of support. Running unsupported software is just asking for cyber criminals to compromise your system, steal your data, your identity and fuel further attacks against other people. I would just download the upgrade assistant as that tends to work better if the built-in process fails.


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Thank you for your suggestion. I downloaded the Update Assistant and used it. The process begins normally.


And continues.


I restart and see the following:


Which leads me to believe that the system updated to the newest release. But then the laptop auto-reboots and I see:


And I am back to release 1803. Is there another way to install the most recent updates? Thanks again for any recommendation.


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I am going to bump this thread in hopes that somebody has a suggestion. I don't get an error message which might be helpful. The update simply auto-uninstalls as seen above and I am back to 1803. :headache:


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The only other thought I have is to backup your OS drive to an external source, and then try a clean install. If that works then you can move data info to the new OS , sadly you will have to reinstall programs manually. Make sure before you start this you have all your software at hand and any needed drivers.