How do I put links to specific libraries onto my taskbar?

Currently, to access a library I have to hit the 'libraries' link, then double click on the library I want to open.

What I want to be able to do is have links to specific libraries on my taskbar so that it only takes one click to go to the library I want.

I am able to put shortcuts onto my desktop, but I'd prefer to have them on my taskbar.

nice tutorial, but i've managed in an easier way :). a few simple steps, and i can have ANY item on my taskbar.
1. Unlock the taskbar and drag it to double-size.
2. Add the quick launch toolbar. In se7ven it's disabled by default, but you can easily find it. C:/Users/[your user]/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Quick Launch.
3. Drag the quick launch toolbar on the bottom of the taskbar,right click on it and make sure the "Show text" and "Show title" lines are unchecked.
4.Lock the taskbar.
5. After this, you cand simply drag ANY icon to the lower side of the taskbar, without affecting the upper side, as you can see :D. Good luck
In the end, it should look like this



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