How do I Reinstall Windows Without CD?

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop running Windows 7. When I attempt to login to my account it hangs at the welcome screen, then the screen goes white and then blue and restarts. I can only use my computer in Safe Mode. I tried Startup Repair, but it did nothing, and I have no System Restore Points. I backed up everything on my computer but I cannot reinstall Windows because my CD Drive doesn't work. Does anybody have any advice?

(If it makes a difference, this happened right when I put in a new battery, but the computer doesn't work any differently when I reinsert the old battery).


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Boot to safe mode + networking. Go to C:\Windows\Minidump

Copy the files in there to any other folder. Zip them. Attach the zip to a post using the paperclip above where you type, in advanced mode replay.

In the meantime, while you're in safe mode + networking, visit Dell's website for your model. Download and install the latest video driver. Reboot to normal mode and see how it goes.


I uploaded the minidump files but I could not install the drivers. A dialog box came up that said Windows Installer does not work in Safe Mode.

Unfortunately, the news here doesn't look very hopeful. You consistently have been experiencing the same crash over and over again.

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 1000007E, {c0000006, 83713e5c, 94fa7a2c, 94fa7610}

Probably caused by : hardware_disk

Followup: MachineOwner
That word "hardware" next to "disk" is not very good at all. I do see tons of potential software issues that might be causing this, however.


I will not lead you down the wrong road here. Honestly, there is way too much to deal with, especially for a machine that will not boot to Windows normally. Ancient drivers, many assorted softwares with problematic drivers etc...


Backup anything you want to keep somehow. Then use Killdisk to low level format the hard drive and hope that it doesn't report errors while doing so. If it does, replace the hard drive.

If it completes successfully, install Windows from a USB flash drive that you can make. You can Google for how to make this flash drive as it isn't very difficult.


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If you can get into safe mode, can you check the device manager for any problems or perhaps the event viewer to see if any software is causing problems.

Maybe you got an update that is causing your problem. Do you have the computer on an external power supply?

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