Windows 7 How do I remove default taskbar tasks from Jump List?


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Currently, my application without any modifications has three tasks in the JumpList: One listing the application name, one for pinning it to the taskbar, and one to close the application. I am trying to determine how to modify my application to remove the former two tasks, and only leave the "Close Window" task.

I see there is a Win7 API ICustomDestinationList for dealing with Custom Tasks, but I cannot find any API for taskbar tasks.

Someone told me they had seen an application with only the "Close Window" tasks (though I have not seen this myself personally) so I expect there is some way to do it.

Just for some background - this application is typically run from a batch file with certain command-line arguments, and running the application without any arguments (which is what one of the taskbar tasks does) is meaningless, hence I want to remove it.

Any suggestions?