how do I reset Windows 7 firewall?

how do I reset Windows 7 firewall?


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Resetting the Windows Firewall is easy, but will often cause many more problems, then it resolves.
The "Restore defaults" link available in the left column will automatically reset the firewall settings, but then you will have to go into "'Advanced settings" and redefine many of your inbound and outbound rules to support many of your third party programs, like Skype, Itunes, etc. as well as some of the rules with regard to your core networking components like file sharing, ICMP echo, etc.
If you suspect that the Windows firewall is causing a specific issue with your computer, then perhaps we would be better off addressing that specifically

I just turned off Windows 7 firewall, it should be fine now, I am using Rogers basic firewall, but windows 7 firewall should be fine now, I just have set netsch interface to high and seems to be fixed now hopefully, I hope Skype will start working properly, cause when I preview myself Skype doesn't freeze, hope it will not freeze when chatting with someone

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Windows 7 Firewall is very good. But sometime it won't notify properly. You could use Sphinx Firewall Control (Free Edition is more that enough) Windows 7 Firewall Control : Sphinx Software it will monitor the incoming and out-going traffic for Windows Firewall and it allows you to add to exceptions real easy.

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