How do I restart windows 7 upgrade


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Started Upgrade from Vista Home Premium.
Stopped and removed itunes and google tool bar as instructed (apparently not quite as instructe).
How do I restart upgrade. I have license key.

Thank you.


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I'd do a clean install unless you have files and folders you need to save.. To start the upgrade process off again just repeat what you did in the first place (click install after placing DVD in drive and choose 'upgrade' when it's the time)..
You could always do a clean install later when you've backed up but even microsoft now recommends doing a clean install whenever possible..


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Thank you for your quick reply.

I don't have a DVD.

You either have to boot fro dvd.. or usb to do a clean install... it's called Custom. It wipes out everything on the partition you install to.

You can use a 4 gig usb memory stick.... instructions on my blog


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Thank you for your reply. I found my Microsoft account, re-downloaded, ignored warnings about firewall, programs that might not work, went well.

Sorry to bother you with such a ninny problem.