How do I select other categories in Windows Live Contacts in List display?

I cannot figure out how to select different categories to display within Contacts.
The only categories that I have by default are Name, Personal e-mail , Company,
and, Birthday. Those categories are not useful at all. Here is what I am looking at:

I want to add "Address" and "Phone" and other categories.
Does anybody know how to add more categories in List display mode?


If you choose the CONTACT you want to add address to, then click EDIT on the Menu, the following list of categories appears:
Contact, Personal, Work, IM, Notes, ID's. You can click on any of these and add the information you want.
Hope this helps.


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I think this is what you mean:
Right click one of the tiles of the the bar with the addreses on it (for example, Company.) If you scroll down the enormous list, you will see an item "Add column". Click this and you get another long drop down with a quantity of new titles. Hope this helps.

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