How do I set the default program to open media files in Windows 7?

Does anyone know how do I set the default program to open media files in Windows 7? On WinXP it was right click -> open with -> checkmark "set as default program for opening this type of file" -> double click program. I did the same thing on Windows 7 and it has absolutely no effect. I do NOT want to play music/movie files with Windows Media Player, yet every time I try to play any music file (.mp3, .wav, etc), it ALWAYS open with Win Media Player, even though I have clearly set the default program to open these files as something else... same thing applies to movies.
Does anyone know what's going on here? @.@

Oh and a related question: can anyone tell me how to sort music files in windows explorer? For all other files there are tags that I can sort them by such as "file name", "date modified", "type", "size", etc, which is very convenient. However for music files it changes to "title", "contributing artist", and "album". I don't care about these information, I want to sort them by size, file type (in fact I don't even know what kind of file it is unless I right click and go to properties), and date modified. None of the view change functions seem to be able to provide these information.


Go to start Orb, default programs, set your default programs. To associate a file type for a particular program, follow the same steps...start orb, default programs, associate a file type. To change the Auto play settings, go to start orb, default programs, change AutoPlay settings, at the top of that window make sure the box is checked, then scroll down to the bottom of page and click reset to defaults to set to original settings or manually change each tab to what program you want to open it.

For your music files go to your music folder, click view, sort by, then click more....then just scroll through the new window and check what box want and uncheck the ones you don't want.

Nice, thanks. Do you happen to know why it doesn't work with the open with -> select default program?


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You can also do it by right clicking on the file, i.e. a .jpg and selecting properties.
At the top of the General tab the first item is Opens With.

There is a button labeled Change.
Click on it and it will give you a list of programs.

If the Program you want isn't on the list you can select Browse and navigate to the one that you want to use.
From then on it will appear on the list.



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Browsing shows that it is a problem which sometimes occurs, due to a previous slightly faulty installation. The Microsoft fix is.
Go to Start then Run, type regsvr32 /i shell32.dll and press Enter or click OK

Worth a try?

Nevermind... start orb -> default programs did not work either. It automatically switches to the annoying windows media player like every 10 seconds...
That's it I'm deleting this damn program. Does anyone know how to uninstall this on Windows 7? It does not seem to have an uninstaller...

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What program do you want to open your media files?


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Go to Control Panel, Select Programs, Select Turn Windows Features on and off.
Select Media Features, unclick Windows Media Player.


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