How do I share videos from my Windows 7 x64 machine to my PS3 and 360?

I know what to do on the console side, but with WMP12, the method I used to use with WMP11 doesn't work...

If I remember correctly, all I did was have my HTPC turned on and I opened up Windows Media Center. Because both the HTPC and the Xbox 360 is connected on the same router, once I turned on the 360, WMC automatically recognized the 360 as an extender device and from the 360 I was able to view all my pictures and videos that is on my HTPC. I guess this would be useful if the Xbox 360 was in another room and I was connected to the network router using a wireless device on the 360, but since it's on the same router sitting right next to my HTPC, it sort of defeats the purpose of having the 360 as an extender.

I don't know anything about the PS3, but you can probably use TVersity -

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I figured out the problem:

I had to change the network type for the connection between my PC and the PS3 from Public to Private.

So now I can play the videos, but it still says I have no music...

nevermind, I had moved my music out and WMP lost it Lol. All is good.

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