How do I stop my desktop icons from moving around?

I know this is an issue for many people, but I have not yet found a working solution. Here are the particulars of my situation:

1) I have tried the typical fixes - e.g. I've unchecked "autoarrange", "align icons to grid", and "allow themes to change desktop icons".

2) In my case, the problem is confined to desktop Word documents. When I hit the Save button, or choose Save from the File menu, the document moves to a different location on my desktop. However, if I close the document and the program asks "Do you want to save this document?" and I hit Save from there, the icon does not move.

3) My screen resolution is set to the recommended level for my laptop computer.

4) Since this usually only involves one icon at a time, I don't really want/need to download a program that restores all my icons to their original positions. In other words, running the program would be at least as much work as simply moving the icon back to its original place.

5) I want to keep some Word documents on my desktop, so I don't consider "Put your Word documents into a folder" to be a workable solution.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this issue? Or is this still a MS bug that hasn't been fixed yet?

Thanks very much in advance for your help!

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