How do I take a video file and burn a dvd

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by maxhendrickson, Mar 10, 2011.

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    I have a video that I can put on U-Tube for friends to view, but can't seem to burn a DVD from it. What is the "magic" software (needed or included in Windows 7) to do this, and what steps are needed?
    Max Hendrickson
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    are talking about putting it into DVD format or simply burning the file onto dvd for pc use? My particular favourite for avi to dvd format app is called "ConvertXtoDVD4" which is simple and even allows automatic titling and chaptering....handy for holiday volumes with lots of clips. I think windows has a free one that comes with MSN messenger live, which is a video editor with burning functions. For simple file to dvd for data backups, when you insert a blank dvd it should prompt to burn a dvd and allow a drag n drop or similar feature to create a data dvd, although I use Ahead's Nero Burning rom 10 personally as gives you a lot more control on formats. There are many free alternatives, have a look on for freeware ones, along with information.
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    My favorite software for burning DVD's is Imgburn. It's free and very light weight. Under the Help menu click: View Imgburn Guides... There are great step by step tutorials to tell you how to do everything. It always works extremely well.

    The Official ImgBurn Website

    For converting files to DVD format I have to agree with Highwayman. ConvertXtoDVD4 is very good but it's not free. I've never found another one that works as well though.

    I used Windows Movie Maker once and was fairly disappointed.

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