how do i turn off autotranslate on this forum PERMANENTLY


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the auto translation is just SUPER anoying - i have to switch it off evrytime i come here - can't find lengauage or country settinga in my profile to switch it it off:confused:

At the bottom of a forum page, click US or British flag and wait for the page to reload.

Thank you for the feedback.


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this only changes settings for the session
but i found out you can actually change it by going to settings>> my profile >> lenguage

This setting is for the language you are writing in NOT the onscreen language

This changes the probability that your written language will be auto-translated. So if you write in Japanese, and set that in your Settings to Japanese, the software will automatically set language tags to Japanese for translation. Google will check prior to the tags being set to determine if it is more than 30% sure the written language you are writing in is wrong. If it is more than 30% sure, it will automatically change your language tags in a post to whatever it believes the language is.

The option in Settings does not affect your language as it appears on screen. This is done through the flags at the bottom of the screen. We have disabled the browser check for your language after finding bugs with Chrome. The default language when you come to this site will always be English, unless you change it using the flags at the bottom of the page.

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