How do the "Beta Testers" feel about Chrome Frame ? (Chrome Frame Leaving Beta Today)


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I used it once.. A long time ago during the early beta days - I noticed no difference.

And with IE 9, I'm sure there never will a difference. Nice try from Google, but they should really just stick to Chrome. :)


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I read the article on Chrome Frame, and thought like Mitchell....too little too late, IE9 pretty much has it covered. But then I also read that XP users would not be able to upgrade their browsers to IE9, so if they're stuck with IE8, does this addon/pluggin from Chrome add any feature / functionality to IE8, I noticed that they mentioned IE6 and 7 but made no mention of IE8. I haven't used it, and was unaware of any such thing prior to your thread.


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Yes, Chrome Frame is recommended for "Windows 8". They don't talk about in the written article, but they do mention it in the video below the article.

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