Windows 7 How do you change the background color in Paint?

First you have to select an image, by dragging and dropping the squares, and resizing them to fit the space you want, then go to the color chart and select your color into the "fill" box. Then go to the area you want to fill, select it, then right click and goto fill > then click on solid color.
It takes a bit of practice.

For some reason the above method doesn't work for me now, so I tried something different, select your color, then look to the left in tools, look for a small icon of a paint can, then click on that then click on your background and it should fill your selection with the color of your choice.

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No, I don't want to change the picture. I want to change which color Paint considers to be the background, so that I can copy something into another picture without also copying that background.

It turns out that "Fill" is actually the background color (which was my first guess, but I somehow remember proving it wrong). I just need to get copy and paste to work the way I described.
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