How do you change the location of the user folders

I'm trying to work out how to change the location of user folders both for existing users and for new users. Basically, I have a OS partition with OS and programs, and a data partition that I want to store all data on! Please help, as so far I'm stumped! I also want to completely remove the Users folder from the C: (OS partition)

It's a pretty clean install so far - no software other than drivers and Avast has been installed!

This should be really simple, and I'm surprised that it's not an option during install - "Where do you want to store user data", along with disk management options - could be an advanced option, that normal users can just ignore, but for advanced users this would make our lives much easier!



Folder re-direction is probably your best bet, though I couldn't tell you exactly how to do it. It may be a setting in the Local GPO. The User folders in the C:\ drive are not only there for storing data for the user, but they also are there as part of that users profile. You can delete it, but it will come back anytime a user logs in.

Using folder re-directing might be able to store all of this user information on a different location, but the Operating System needs to know where to go look for, say, the users Desktop, toolbars, favorites, Theme, etc...

I know that folder re-direction can be used for a users Startup folder, Desktop Folder, and Documents. But beyond that, and on this version of Windows, I'm just not to sure.

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Have look at this Link Shell Extension (LSE). You can move the user folder to where you want it and drop a symbolic link in its place. Theres a lot to get your head around, but its actually not that hard. Make sure you read it all and understand it first though.

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