How Do You Fix A Winsock Error?

For A week IE8 and Chrome have been refusing to display some pages from various entities and ,gov services:
Especially this page : IE8 returns the can not display the page error Chrome returns Error 324 usually a winsock error code I have run Rizone's repair winsock at all the levels as administrator and I get various errors ranging form no user data to tcp/ip stack not found to winsock.dll not found. Strange as I can go online but only to select pages AVG suite is spyware and antivirus solution on line scans for viri and malware come up clean. Does anyone have any ideas other than a really big hammer? OS is Win 7 RC 7100 fully patched.:( Phil

Thanks Drew,
It doesn't matter what Browser you use Firefox, Slim, Luna 5, Opera 10 they all hang on the site given in my post; all return various flavors of the can not display the page error including server timed out waiting for reply this page does open on my XP machine usiing IE8 as a control . I will try the NETSH WINSOCK RESET command how ever I thought that this command was specific to the WIN 98-XP family of OS's If it runs I learned a new trick thanks...................................................... Phil

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