How do you open music in different media player?


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As the title says how do you open music is a different media player? When I have a couple of songs I want to play selected I use to (before I upgraded) right click and either selected play with [blah] or open with... and select my media player. How do you do that is 7? That option is not appearing.

I don't want it to be my main media player, just sometimes my main one is occupied with something else and I want to get that annoying song out of my head or something.

Thank you in advance~


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there should be an option when i right click my music files there is an option open with


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Like krypto said, but if you always want it to open with something else, then go to "open with" and click "choose default program" and just make sure that before you click "Ok", you check "always use the selected program to open this kind of file".


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Unless you wanna make the other media player your default, you'll want to make sure you-->UNCHECK<--
"Always use the selected program to open this kind of file".


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Are you sure VLC is installed? I can only see an option for WMP

Otherwise you can make VLC your default player.

Just hit START. CONTROL PANEL, PROGRAMS and choose DEFAULT PROGRAMS. Then simply set VLC as your default player.

If VLC doesn't show up in that list then you'll need to check it actually installed.

Good luck


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VLC is installed and if I have less than 15 tracks selected, the option appears but any more that option disappears. It's not just music either, even with photos if I have over 15 selected I can't open them in a different program than my default one.